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08/13/15 Stay active. Don’t get in the lazy habit of lounging around when you are not on the job....

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Always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise regimen or before making any changes to your diet and/or exercise regimens.

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To help individuals live long, happy and successful lives. 


Welcome to Restoring American's Greatness! It is time  for each and every American to feel good about their country and themselves. America is exceptional and is the greatest nation in this world, but also one that can, and should, be better. By utilizing our mission and goals, you will have the information to spark important conversations on the most important issues facing you and our country today.

I hope that our material will provide you with the crucial information needed to get started on your life journey, as well as stimulate conversation and help you make informed decisions on the major issues facing every American today. On this site you will find...

  • Life Learning material daily -- to help motivate, educate, empower and inspire. 
  • National Core Issues are laid out to give you talking points on issues facing our country today.
  • Health and Wellness is constructed to help you become a healthier person -- mind, body and spirit.
  • Keeping Informed is intended to have you be more conversant on current events.

    As citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to be informed and have discussions -- to continue to make this the best democracy in the world. Through modern technology and social media, the voice of a few can reach millions in a matter of minutes. It is my desire to create a tipping point -- to reach as many American's as possible on a positive approach to America today. I hope that you will include your voice in the initiative to Restore America's Greatness. We appreciate you sharing the vision of Restoring America's Greatness and our positive approach to America today.

  • Are You Taking Care Of Your Body And Mind?

    by Phil Schembra on August 28, 2015

    Part of the cost of going for it is the task of taking care of your body and mind. It is your responsibility to keep physically fit and mentally alert. You must also stay on task, meet your responsibilities, and actively participate in all the things that will help you be the best you can be.

    No one ever pays the full cost of becoming a total person. Various public and private institutions, as well as a host of positive, supportive individuals, are available to assist us. A total person will be appreciative of all those advantages and opportunities and will give something back to the community.

    Excerpts:The Total Person 2016

    Being conversant on the latest Current Events, Business, Politics, Technology, Real Estate, and Sports will help you maintain a knowledge base that is diverse, relevant, and essential to improving our quality of life. As the quality of our lives improves, so then will the quality of America.


    We have become a society of perpetual information.  Infinite bits of data engulf us on a daily basis and it requires skill to filter and extract useful information. 

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    Everyone benefits when businesses thrive. Our economy depends on strong and healthy businesses that encourage stable growth and create jobs in America.

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    The freedoms provided by our democratic system of government are core to what it means to be an American, and something we all should cherish. 

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    Technology is a critical component to our quality of life, providing effective tools that benefit all Americans. Technology connects all aspects of our life from education to health care. 

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    Real Estate

    Home ownership is fundamental to the “American Dream.” Increases in real estate sales have historically proven to help pull us out of recessions. 

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    To gain a competitive edge in sports, you have to constantly focus on excellence, leadership, improvement, positive mental attitude and be goal oriented. 

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