Company - Hilton Head Island, SC and New York City, NY

The Schembra Companies are the parent company of Hilton Head Island Performance Group and Schembra Real Estate Group with corporate headquarters in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  The influx of people to this world-class community provides the company with the opportunity to meet and work with exceptionally talented and successful individuals from around the world.  This exposure serves as a valuable resource and assists Schembra Corporation in maintaining new and innovative ideas on a variety of business ventures. Philip A. Schembra, President and CEO strives to assist clients in achieving their personal and professional goals by offering a wide variety of programs, services, and products. Our involvement in the world of sports, charities, finance, politics, and education not only on Hilton Head Island, but also in New York City has allowed us to diversify and develop the mindset of corporate America - thereby truly grasping the best of both worlds.

Hilton Head Island Performance Group

Established in 1979 as a sales and marketing consulting company whose main goal is to help individuals live a long, happy, and successful life thus helping individuals and companies improve their performance.  Hilton Head Island Performance Group has gained national exposure due to the success of its line of life learning  programs - THE TOTAL EXECUTIVE®, THE TOTAL SALESPERSON®, THE TOTAL PERSON®, and THE TOTAL STUDENT® The Company collaborated with the NFL Players Association producing the NFL Player Planner® and the High School Player Development planner (HSPD) for student-athletes. See testimonials from people in the world of sports at The key principles highlighted throughout the year are Time Management, Life Learning, Goal Setting, Team Building, Being Prepared, and Health & Wellness.  The market  for utilizing the company’s resources are unlimited. 

Schembra Real Estate Group

A real estate company specializing in luxury resort properties on Hilton Head Island.  The company has a sound and fundamental knowledge of all aspects of real estate: current market trends, sales and marketing, planning, developing, financing, and individual and group investing.  With the networking, outreach, experience, and knowledge - the company is a tremendous resource. 

Since 1976, Philip A. Schembra, Owner and Broker-In-Charge has achieved numerous sales and ownership records.  Phil is the #1 All-Time Listing and Selling Agent in one community in the history of Hilton Head Island for homes, homesites, and condominiums all achieved in Palmetto Dunes, Shelter Cove and Lemington where his personal sales volume is $1,000,000,000 (billion).  Phil is a past recipient of the “Top 100 Sales Team ” award for closed sales in the country by the National Association of Realtors which consists of 1.4 million members nationwide.