Consumer Confidence / Entrepreneurial Spirit

America Is Exceptional!  Leadership, values, ethics, entrepreneurship, financial strength and national defense have made our country great and a bastion of hope for the rest of the world.  It’s time to stand up for what we know has made our country great so that we can Restore America’s Greatness and continue to be the country that everyone looks up to and wants to emulate.

Restoring America’s Greatness is a wonderful opportunity to reinstate pride and confidence in all citizens that they live in the greatest country in the world, the land of opportunity.  What we need more than anything is to get government out of the lives of the people.

We should all be proud that we live in the greatest country in the world and are the most giving country in the world!  We have a burning desire to Restore America’s Greatness and show the world who we really are!

The freedom to innovate helped make this country great.  The free-market economy encourages people to dream big and spurs creativity. The U.S. rose to international prominence because of our entrepreneurial spirit.  Our economic recovery depends on remembering what made us great in the first place.  Our entrepreneurial spirit has raised the standard of living not only in our country but for billions of people throughout the world.  Working hard to get ahead drives the train powering prosperity. Technological and economic progress comes from entrepreneurs and ordinary people working hard, having a vision, and determined to see their dreams become reality; it does not come from government.

Government does not create wealth but consumes it.  Increased regulations and higher taxes stifles the entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to enjoy the fruits of one’s creativity and labor is one of the main motivations to be creative and work hard. Government’s primary role should be to preserve the conditions necessary to entrepreneurship and professional self-reliance by ensuring the rule of law.  Government is not entitled to greater shares of workers’ incomes or to further the welfare state.  Our middle class is shrinking, unemployment is rising and public confidence is low.

Listed below are areas (including but not limited to) that the government, with support of it's citizens, has the opportunity to improve on, which will have a positive impact on both consumer confidence and the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Restoring Consumer Confidence
  • Innovate / Create
  • Need for New Leadership
  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Reward Hard Work
  • Create the Mindset of a Life Learner
  • Encourage Entrepreneurs to Dream Big
  • Reduce Government Policies and Regulations
  • Give Individuals Long-Term Certainty of Government Regulations
  • Inspire Confidence
  • Embrace Change
  • Improve Civility
  • Increase Pride
  • Instill Values
  • Self-Reliance / Not a Nanny State
  • Lower Taxes Will Help Entrepreneurs be More Competitive
  • Expand Access to Capital for High-Growth Startups

Can-Do Attitude:  A main focus of is to provide a positive mental attitude and can-do philosophy that “I can try to be the best that I possibly can be.”  We have a challenge as a country and people to instill confidence.  Seventy percent of our economy is consumer based.  We have to effect positive change in people’s attitudes.

There is an urgency today because our citizens’ confidence in our country is at an all-time low.  We as citizens have got to take back our country, and we will not do that until we get involved and re-instill confidence and pride in who we are and stop letting our government abuse our rights and privileges.

We are the envy of the world for our entrepreneurial spirit, and we must unleash this giant once again to turn our economy around.  The entrepreneurial spirit has been at the heart of our economic success, and it must continue to be allowed to thrive and not be stifled with overbearing taxes and regulations.  When given the opportunity to perform, we can make it happen if we get the government out of the way.

We need to re-instill confidence that we are the greatest country in the world not only to ourselves but the people throughout the world because as the U.S. goes, so goes the world.