Economic Growth / Job Creation

Today, in our current economic environment, we face many challenges; however, with these challenges, also come opportunities. Economic growth and job creation are critical to our economy, and must be a priority of government as well as to all of us as citizens. The fundamentals of our economy are sound, but the economy is being affected negatively by structural problems within the government in areas such as the housing sector, banking, government intervention, as well as excessive rules and regulations. We need an open and free economic environment which will foster improved confidence, eliminate uncertainty in our future, and allow businesses and individuals to make decisions that will grow our economy.

Our 40th President Ronald Reagan, took office in 1981 and had a great formula, which worked exceedingly well to turn around a poor economy and lead us out of a protracted recession.

  • Cut federal income taxes
  • Cut the U.S. government spending budget
  • Cut useless programs
  • Scale down the government work force
  • Maintain low interest rates
  • Keep a watchful inflation hedge on the monetary supply
  • Income tax rates of top personal tax bracket dropped