Economic Growth / Job Creation

Today, in our current economic environment, we face many challenges; however, with these challenges come opportunities. Economic growth and job creation are critical to our economy, and it is one of the main promises that President Trump was elected on. The fundamentals of our economy are sound. By focusing positively on the housing sectior, banking and less on government intervention as well as reducing rules and regulations, we will have an open and free economic environment, which will foster improved confidence, eliminate uncertainty in our future, and allow businesses and individuals to make decisions that will grow our economy. Every dollar that is transferred from the government to the private sector helps improve our economy.

Putting money in the hands of individuals and not the government allows our entrepreneurial spirit to flourish, thus creating jobs and increasing confidence. The American entrepreneurial spirit made our country the envy of the world and the land of opportunity. Government spending has created a $20 trillion debt, which is unsustainable. is the root problem when looking at debt and deficits. Like any family or business, the federal government must be responsible and not spend money they don't have. We must live within our means both personally and as a country. Wasteful spending creates the need for additional taxes and borrowing. As households and businesses know, when you cut your spending, you will reduce your debt and deficits, which President Trump and his Cabinet are focused on.

President Reagan was correct when he said "No" to certain programs his administration deemed useless. Every successful business knows when to cut back. New rules, new regulations, and programs were introduced by the previous \Administration did nothing but bloat our government, add additional debt, hinder our workforce, and make us uncompetitive in a global world. It is refreshing to see the commitment the new Administration is making to reverse this trend.

Economic growth is the best jobs program for job creation. A prosperous and thriving economy can equal a prosperous and thriving job market. Now is the time to remember and utilize the lessons learned from President Reagan's approach to our economy; his philosophy is perfect for today's economic environment. Reagan employed a simple and logical approach to the economy that worked and helped create over 16 million jobs in the 1980's. President Trump’s approach to our economy is perfect for today’s economic environment, as it is includes bringing together a diverse group of individuals: CEO’s, union leaders, educators, minority leaders (Black, Hispanic, Asian) law enforcement, religious leaders to learn and understand each and everyone’s needs.