Energy Independence

Currently we are experiencing an energy revolution, with private sector drilling and fracking in the US lowering worldwide oil prices. This revolution, if continued and supported, has the power to create new jobs and greatly stimulate our economy. We should make it a goal to push the Federal Government into this revolution as well by further developing our own vast oil and natural gas resources. We will create better-paying jobs and increase tax revenue, thereby improving our economy. These energy resources could be exported by liquefying natural gas and exporting oill utilizing the tax revenues from their sale toward the reduction of the Federal debt as well.

The green renewable energy form has a place for incremental power for suited locations. These forms of power are not as available on demand at the present time until battery storage can compete with fossil fuel energy. Future technologies could bear this out. Nuclear power is also part of the energy mix and should be increased as a base electric power under advance safe technologies.

Our country has to pursue an energy policy that promotes economic growth and is environmentally sustainable. World-wide energy demand is increasing while at the same time the oil market is dominated by unstable or hostile nations. Americans must eliminate the threat of nations using oil as an economic weapon against us. We need an energy policy embedded in our free enterprise system that relies on the American entrepreneurial spirit, which raised the standard of living throughout the world. Being dependent on foreign countries means we, the #1 Superpower in the world, are susceptible to supply disruptions, price hikes and loss of wealth.