Energy Independence

Our country has to pursue an energy policy that promotes economic growth and is environmentally sustainable.  World-wide energy demand is increasing while at the same time the oil market is dominated by unstable or hostile nations.  Americans must eliminate the threat of nations using oil as an economic weapon.  We need an energy policy embedded in our free enterprise system that relies on the American entrepreneurial spirit, which raised the standard of living throughout the world.  Being dependent on foreign countries means we, the #1 Superpower in the world, are susceptible to supply disruptions, price hikes and loss of wealth.

Listed below are areas (including but not limited to) that the government, with support of Americans, has the opportunity to improve on, which will have a positive impact on energy independence.

  • Energy is the Engine of Our Economy and a Modern Civilization
  • Energy Independence = Economic Growth, Job Creation, National Security
  • Forms of Energy: Transportation Fuel (oil based diesel, gasoline) and Electrical  Generation (coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy)
    New Oil Fields / Alaska, Gulf, North Dakota/More Oil than All Foreign Fields
  • Drilling Would Alleviate Demand / Will Add Approximately One Trillion Dollars per Year to Economy and Would Abate Price Increases
  • Drilling Would Send a Competitive Signal to World Oil Producers
  • Demand of Industrialized Countries Impacts Oil Prices
  • Foreign Oil Subsidizes Terrorists
  • Technological Advances Increase Efficiency, Supplies and Mitigate Emissions
  • Unleash American Entrepreneurship / Rely on Private Sector’s Research and Development Capabilities
  • Energy Exploration Creates Jobs, Raises Revenue, Increases Tax Base
  • Manage Energy Infrastructure Risks Jointly / Government and Private Sector
  • Cause of High Oil Prices:  Increased Demand, Political Unrest, OPEC / Adversely Affects Our Economy
  • Approve Oil Pipelines
  • Eliminate Permit Barriers / Speed Up Permit Process
  • Sensible Review Process / Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations
  • Limit Litigation
  • Build Oil Refineries / No New Refineries have been built in 35 years
  • Establish  Liability / Claims Process for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
  • Increase Natural Gas Production and Increase Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Drill Oil While Manufacturing Natural Gas Vehicles to Supplement Demand
  • Reduce the Time Cycle for Permitting Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear Power Plants.  The EPA has had a Moratorium on Permits for Nuclear Plants for the past 30 years.  In addition, No Permits for Coal-Fired Plants have been Allowed for the Past Several Years.
  • Base Loaded Nuclear Power Plants / Larger, More Efficient with Endless Supply of Fuel with Future Breeder or Reused Fuel Processing Technologies
  • 110 Nuclear Power Plants in the U.S. / Approaching Their Life Expediency / Ready for Decommissioning
  • Introduce Market Principles into Nuclear Waste Management Reform
  • Maintain the Yucca Option
  • Increase Oil Shale Development
  • Encourage Coal Production / Coal Generates Half of America’s Electricity
  • Build Clean Coal Power Plants / EPA Stopped Permitting New Coal-Fired Plants
  • U.S. has 1,000 Years of Available Coal for Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Electric Cars / Mileage Limitations, Environmental Issues with Lithium Battery Disposal, Increased Electrical Generation Requirements to Charge Batteries
  • Amend Clear Air Act  / Exclude Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gases from EPA
  • Immediate Solution to Energy Independence:   Eliminate Fossil Fuel Limitations to Private Industry / Build New Coal-Fired, Gas-Fired and Nuclear Plants / Drill in New Found Areas for Oil /  Build More Refineries
  • Have a Commonsense Approach to Climate Change (global warming)
  • Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?  More Research Needed Before Reducing Our Fossil Fuel Usage Which Would Affect Our Economy
    Source: Anthony G. Gaeta, CEO; Gates Energy, LLC

Do we really want to create jobs?  Then, why don’t we immediately strive to be energy independent?  We can create jobs overnight – drill immediately and build power plants while we look for other alternative sources of energy.  Both of these approaches will create jobs and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

What has not been written about is why oil prices are slowing creeping up and will continue.  What a huge win-win this would be!  We will create jobs overnight and force OPEC to drop their prices!

Developing our own vast oil and natural gas resources will create good-paying jobs and increase tax revenues and thereby move our economy forward.  

Oil  Dependency:  Tragically, the U.S. funds terrorism through our dependency on foreign oil. While we are fighting terrorism and shedding American blood, we are also directly funding terrorism by buying their oil. 

Our entire economy is affected by our energy dependence:

Government Price Gouging          ---          50¢ tax on a gallon of gas 

Regulatory Price Gouging            ---          Senseless environmental rules

Environmentalist Price Gouging   ---          Placing energy producing properties off limits to development

Ideological Price Gouging            ---          Legislation that forces us to use politically correct renewable resources