National Security

Political instability around the world has resulted in increased tensions, terrorism and open warfare. The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East clearly illustrate the price of freedom, democracy and free enterprise. Conditions in areas of conflict have dramatic effects on our economy and influence our country’s long-range military plans and diplomatic strategies.

Now is the time to fund major defense programs such as missile defense and space, so that we will not lose our military position as the greatest superpower in the world. The world today is a dangerous place for Americas and for freedom everywhere. As America goes so goes the world.

For years we have closed our eyes and allowed the Islamic terrorist network to take over more countries in the Middle East, which now threatens us here at home. The terrorists have stated that they intend to build a totalitarian Islamic empire that will encircle all current and former Muslim lands from Europe to North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and our country.

Our security interests around the world have been instrumental in developing our diplomatic, economic, informational, and military strategies since the birth of our Nation. President Ronald Reagan put it best when he stated, "Stop apologizing for America's legitimate national interests and start asserting them," which President Trump is working towards diligently.