Be Prepared For The Next Big Opportunity!
by Phil Schembra on November 29, 2016

Opportunity frequently comes disguised as chance, coincidence or accident. Your ability to take advantage of that opportunity will depend on how well you have prepared yourself to move ahead.

The mastery of one skill or task is the stepping stone to another. Your performance at new tasks and responsibilities will depend to a large degree on how well you have prepared yourself for that specific moment.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017: Philip Schembra, Author


Are You Achieving Excellence And Doing It Right The First Time?
by Phil Schembra on November 14, 2016

Excellence is “doing it right”. Efficiency plus excellence is “doing it right the first time”. It’s as simple as that. Combined, they are the “E” factor. It will be the standard by which all of your activities and performances can be measured.

Doing it right does not necessarily mean doing the best you can. The best you can do may not be good enough; in many cases, it may be more than is needed. Excellence means determining what is needed and then meeting that need completely.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017: Philip Schembra, Author



Evaluate Your Strengths And Weaknesses!
by Phil Schembra on November 06, 2016

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and then seek ways to correct weaknesses and make improvements in those things that are important to you. There are resources available for self improvement and to improve almost any skill you may need.

Don’t justify doing something wrong because everyone else does it. Your lack of respect for everyone else will transfer to a lack of respect for yourself, which is a sure path to a loss of positive self-image.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2017; Philip Schembra, Author


Positive Things Can Happen in Your Life!
by Phil Schembra on October 24, 2016


The strong belief in yourself created through a positive self-image makes positive things happen to you in your life.

Increased success and a positive mental attitude are closely aligned to a positive self-image. You become more valuable in your personal and professional lives and thus better able to provide for your family and yourself.

You become a better person and develop inner happiness about yourself when you have a positive self-image.

You will enjoy less stress, less tension and greater peace of mind because you no longer have the pressures that result from worrying or doubting your own abilities. 

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017, Philip Schembra, Author.