How To Become an Effective Closer!
by Phil Schembra on January 21, 2017

Determine your customers’ dominant buying motive and relate this to your product or service. This makes it easier to explain the benefits of what you are selling.

Help your customers visualize the use of your product or service in the form of ownership. This creates a stronger desire to buy, making it easier to close the sale.

Continually demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. Ask tie-down questions to make sure your customers understand how your product will benefit them.

Excerpts taken from The Total Salesperson 2017:  Philip Schembra, Author





Did You Know That Self-Motivation Is The Key To Gaining The Competitive Edge?
by Phil Schembra on January 15, 2017

Many people depend on you. You have a responsibility to yourself, your family and your profession. Fulfilling your responsibilities demands that you be self-motivated.
Don’t cheat yourself. You owe it to yourself to use your talents to the fullest.

Commit yourself to the achievement of excellence. Pride, confidence,  and productivity will follow. Everyone loves a winner. Self-motivation is the key to gaining the competitive edge. If you falter, a self-motivated person will be waiting to take your place.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2017; Philip Schembra, Author


Empowering "You" to Be Successful in 2017!
by Phil Schembra on January 12, 2017 Since 1980, we have been creating life learning daily planners which have helped thousands of individuals and companies reach success and gain the competitive edge in life, business, education, and sports. Empowering individuals to have a positive attitude and keep motivated will help improve the quality of their lives and create the mindset of a life learner while gaining the skills necessary to lead a long, happy, and successful life. Developing the mindset of a life learner, will help individuals strive to improve themselves on a daily basis, both personally and professionally, and help them become more motivated and productive while developing a thirst for knowledge and passion to excel. Our life learning material originates from the core philosophies and principles of Life Learning, Improved Productivity, Health and Wellness, and Goal Setting.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2016, Philip Schembra, Author


Having a Positive Attitude Will Help You Achieve Your Accomplishments
by Phil Schembra on December 11, 2016

If you don’t have these qualities, a little effort each day will help you develop them. First, make a list of your accomplishments. You will be surprised at how long the list becomes. This is a good step toward self-motivation and a positive self-image and attitude.

Self-motivation and goal setting go hand-in-hand. Your goals can become your most important motivators. As you can set worthy goals and accomplish them, your attitude, image and motivation will improve.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017, Philip A. Schembra, Author