Achieving Excellence In Communicating
by Phil Schembra on July 27, 2016

Important ideas need repetition. Excellence in communication demands that the receiver understand the message. It is the sender’s obligation to ensure that the message has been received and is understood. This will frequently require considerable tact and diplomacy on the part of the sender. Practice in this area will lead to excellence.

The art of listening is a basic attribute in developing excellence. A good listener can learn more in a shorter period of time and will generate greater credibility when he or she is ready for someone else to become the listener. Try to avoid interrupting a person who is speaking before that person has completed the thought or idea being expressed.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2016: Philip Schembra, Author


Are You Able To Visualize Success?
by Phil Schembra on July 26, 2016

Success breeds success. Make success habit-forming. Think success and you will be successful. Always practice civility in personal and professional relationships.  Be professional and project a good appearance. This makes you look good to others, which benefits your self-image and makes you more successful.

Your state of mind determines how you project yourself to others. Visualize being successful and you will achieve this goal. Remember, everything you do in life revolves around your self-image. Successful people know and understand this.  The more you believe in yourself, the more you become the person you want to be.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2016; Philip Schembra, Author


Mind The Mind and Keep it Active!
by Phil Schembra on July 25, 2016

Mind the mind; care for the brain by using it – during every waking minute. As the body cares for the brain, the brain cares for the body by reminding you what you must do to be healthy.

Here are some great tips to help keep your mind alert. Take a 20 minute walk, this helps clear the mind and relieve stress. Word puzzles and brain teasers are also great ways to keep your mind active as well as podcasts, webinars and online information. 

Excerpts taken fromThe Total Person 2016, Philip Schembra, Author


Be Courteous And Prompt For Appointments!
by Phil Schembra on July 24, 2016

Be prompt. Arriving on time for both personal and professional appointments shows respect for yourself and for the people with whom you are meeting. Save being “fashionably late” for social functions.

There may be times when you absolutely cannot keep an appointment or will have to be late due to circumstances beyond your control. In these instances, do everything possible to notify the person you were scheduled to meet in advance. Nothing creates a bad impression more than an unexplained “no show.”  Be courteous.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2016: Philip Schembra, Author