Complimenting Others Will Contribute To Your Positive Mental Attitude!
by Phil Schembra on September 10, 2014

You cannot live totally within yourself. Your successful relationships with others are probably the single most important element in developing a positive mental attitude and self-image.
Praising someone else’s good work or good deed will contribute to your own positive mental attitude by generating pleasant interactions with other people. As your interest in other people expands, your self-image develops in direct proportion.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2015, Philip Schembra, Author.


Work Smarter, Not Harder!
by Phil Schembra on September 04, 2014

Time Management Tip! Good time management is relevant to achieving your goals. Planning for time to work on achieving unrealistic goals is an unfortunate waste, with the only benefit being a lesson learned the hard way. Be sure to think about time management when you set your goals.

If you find that there aren’t enough hours in the day, week, month, or year, to do all you believe you want to do, then it’s time to reassess your priorities. If nothing can be eliminated or put off, then you will have to work smarter and faster, thus reducing stress.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2015: Philip Schembra, Author


Being Self-Motivated Will Help You Reach Your Goals
by Phil Schembra on August 26, 2014

There will be other times when you have done extremely well and you have a letdown because the urgency to continue is not so great. At such times, you must set your goals higher and keep moving forward.

Self-motivation requires that you set an objective that is very important to you and let it act like a magnet, drawing you to it every day. If you make your goal too easy to reach, you will do less than you can.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2015, Philip Schembra, Author


It Is Hard To Say No To A Positive Attitude!
by Phil Schembra on August 18, 2014

It is very difficult for people to say “no” to a positive mental attitude. Because of your infectious attitude, you will become a more successful person. A chain reaction results from the benefits of a positive mental attitude, respect and admiration from others. Your co-workers want to be around you. Your positive mental attitude will have a positive effect on them.

By developing a positive mental attitude, you are taking a significant step toward becoming more professional and gaining the competitive edge. A positive mental attitude allows you to react to individual situations better. You have a positive outlook about the world around you.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2014: Philip Schembra, Author