Respect Other People's Time!
by Phil Schembra on February 20, 2017

Time Management Tips! Respect for other people’s time is a mark of excellence. Failure to meet your commitments with punctuality wastes others’ time, and this is likely to have a negative influence on their feelings about you.

If you are setting schedules mutually with others, be certain that they are realistic before you agree. Otherwise, your failure to meet the agreed upon schedules wastes other’s valuable time.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 201: Philip Schembra, Author


Excellence In Time Management Requires Good Planning!
by Phil Schembra on February 18, 2017

Excellence in time management requires planning. Good planning means setting priorities. Setting priorities means separating the “must do’s” from the “would like to do’s” and the “don’t have to do’s.” When prioritized, you will find time to do it all.

Setting priorities is a “must do”. If you can’t do it right the first time, keep at it until you can. Make certain that your goal is really what you want for yourself, that it is worthwhile, practical and ethically sound. Remember, you will be putting a lot of time and effort into making it happen.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017: Philip Schembra, Author


Having A Positive Mental Attitude Will Inspire You!
by Phil Schembra on February 16, 2017

Creating and maintaining a positive mental attitude is your choice. The stronger you believe in a positive mental attitude, the more you’ll want to become a positive person. Positive people plan their lives in positive ways. Develop the habit of thinking positively.

Visualize the benefits of a positive mental attitude. The greater the benefits, the more desire you will have to create and maintain a positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude will inspire you to set higher levels of goals for yourself. You will be more inclined to reach beyond when you establish a goal setting program.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017:  Philip Schembra, Author


If You Feel Better About Yourself, Your Self-Image Will Improve
by Phil Schembra on February 07, 2017

Learn to feel happy about yourself, your family and your job. The better you feel about yourself and your environment, the more your self-image improves. Get the word “failure” out of your vocabulary. If you think of yourself as failing, you will.

Create a burning desire and passion to achieve your goals. Your goals reflect your attitudes. The higher the goal, the more you must believe in yourself. Visualize yourself succeeding at whatever you are doing. Understanding and realizing the rewards to your success improves your positive mental attitude and your self-image.

Excerpts:The Total Person 2017, Philip A. Schembra, Author