Understanding Your Customers Needs!
by Phil Schembra on April 25, 2017

A professional salesperson’s job is to understand customers’ needs. It is much easier to be successful in selling when you understand your customers.

The goal of marketing is to satisfy customers’ needs at a profit. As a salesperson you are an important element in that marketing objective.

Never suggest solutions to your customers’ needs or problems if you do not know what is on their minds. If you don’t understand your customers, you may possibly suggest the wrong solution.

People like to feel needed and important. The more you understand your customers’ needs, the more they will realize that you are taking a sincere interest in them.

Excerpts taken from The Total Salesperson 2017, Philip Schembra, Author.


Respect Other People's Time!
by Phil Schembra on April 23, 2017

Time Management Tips! Respect for other people’s time is a mark of excellence. Failure to meet your commitments with punctuality wastes others’ time, and this is likely to have a negative influence on their feelings about you.

If you are setting schedules mutually with others, be certain that they are realistic before you agree. Otherwise, your failure to meet the agreed upon schedules wastes other’s valuable time.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017: Philip Schembra, Author


Are You Considerate of Other People's Time?
by Phil Schembra on April 22, 2017

Time Management Tip! When you have an appointment for a specific time, it is your responsibility to provide for the unforeseen eventualities of heavier than expected traffic, inclement weather, or the alarm clock failing to buzz. While you won’t always be able to cover every unexpected delay, you can at least try, and know that you have given it your best effort.

Many people who have managed to keep their appointed schedules, despite such logistical problems, are not always open-minded about accepting such excuses. Since you can’t cover every unexpected interference, at least deal with those that are within your control.
Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017: Philip Schembra, Author



Be The Best Person You Can Be!
by Phil Schembra on April 20, 2017

It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about other people. Learn to admire and respect the good qualities in other people, and recognize that faults, yours as well as others’, are part of being human.

Don’t judge yourself by others’ advantages and talents. Such self-depreciation is both destructive and habit-forming. Life is a gift. Take your gift with gratitude and become the best person you can become.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2017, Philip Schembra, Author