Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body for 2020
by Phil Schembra on January 12, 2020 Stay active. Don’t get in the lazy habit of lounging around when you are not on the job. Occasionally take a 20-minute break from what you’re doing for some physical activity. Exercise helps you relax and eases tensions. If you have been sedentary, have a chronic illness, or are significantly overweight, do not begin any program of exercise or diet before consulting a physician. Staying physically fit will help you feel better, live better and stay healthier longer. Best of all, it is relatively easy to achieve. Moderate exercise and a positive approach to nutrition will usually produce the desired results. Most people do not get enough exercise during the normal course of their daily activities. There must be a desire to stay fit, which is then translated into action. You must make physical activity a planned activity. Keeping a healthy mind and body is mostly about attitude. You know fitness will make you feel good. You know that you get greater satisfaction from your life, athletics, work and leisure activities. Keep thinking this way and fitness will become a habit. Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2020, Philip A. Schembra, Author.


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