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09/01/19Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin

Good skin care — including sun protection and gentle cleansing — can keep your...

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Always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise regimen or before making any changes to your diet and/or exercise regimens.



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Are You A Patient And Interested Listener?

by Phil Schembra on October 13, 2019

Receiving is half of every communication. Therefore, listening well, reading well and seeing well are as important in communication as speaking and writing well. In addition, they are essential ingredients of the learning process, which never ends. So be a patient and interested listener.

Frequently, an unintended receiver will get in the act either by reading someone else’s communication or by accidental or intentional eavesdropping. Since this is not always controllable, it is important that messages be formulated so that they will not create third party misunderstanding.

Excerpts taken from The Total Person 2019, Philip Schembra, Author

Being conversant on the latest Current Events, Business, Politics, Technology, Real Estate, and Sports will help you maintain a knowledge base that is diverse, relevant, and essential to improving our quality of life. As the quality of our lives improves, so then will the quality of America.


We have become a society of perpetual information.  Infinite bits of data engulf us on a daily basis and it requires skill to filter and extract useful information. 

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Everyone benefits when businesses thrive. Our economy depends on strong and healthy businesses that encourage stable growth and create jobs in America.

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The freedoms provided by our democratic system of government are core to what it means to be an American, and something we all should cherish. 

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Technology is a critical component to our quality of life, providing effective tools that benefit all Americans. Technology connects all aspects of our life from education to health care. 

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Real Estate

Home ownership is fundamental to the “American Dream.” Increases in real estate sales have historically proven to help pull us out of recessions. 

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To gain a competitive edge in sports, you have to constantly focus on excellence, leadership, improvement, positive mental attitude and be goal oriented. 

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